About The Pastor

About The Pastor

Mark Evans is the founder of The Church at Rock Creek.  In November of 1995, he moved back home to Little Rock to start a church for the un-churched. Understanding that many people don't go to church because it is boring and irrelevant, Mark began Rock Creek with 25 people. Operating on the foundational belief that people really do matter to God, Rock Creek has grown from 25 people to over 4500 attending the weekend services.   

Mark was highlighted in the June 2005 issue of "The Church Report" as a "leader to watch" — one of a handful of leaders across the nation who have “taken their congregations to new levels, expanded their community outreach, found new ways to reach out, and served as an excellent example of a quality leader.”  Mark’s community involvement includes serving as statewide chairman of the Transitional Employment Agency, a government entity focused on welfare-to-work programs. The community-focused ministries at Rock Creek – a hands on computer lab, an employment training agency, a food bank, and a car repair ministry – led President Bush to select The Church at Rock Creek as the backdrop for a discussion about the role faith-based organizations play in changing the landscape of America.

Mark is a frequent speaker at special events and company employee meetings. He is the author of “An Inning at a Time: Nine Base Hits to Get You Home in the Game of Life,” a book about the consistent strategies that successful people apply in their every day life, “Win at Life Wisdom: 30 Days of Passion, Priority and Purpose,” a book which features life lessons from the stories he has told on the radio for the past decade, and “The Prodigal: A Story Inside a Parable,” in which Mark tells a contemporary version of the narrative of the prodigal son as recorded in Luke.  For more information about Mark’s books, his blog and other resources, visit the website PastorMarkEvans.com

Mark and his wife Terri speak regularly at weekend marriage conferences, and have recently witnessed the release of their first co-authored book, “Before the Vow Breaks: Beat the Odds and Build a Marriage that Lasts.” Mark, Terri and their two children make their home in the Little Rock area along with their three dogs. Mark’s hobbies include “all things baseball,” duck hunting, travel and fitness.

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