The Church at Rock Creek is truly blessed. What began as the smallest of seeds in 1995 is now the fulfillment of countless dreams. Just think, our first “service” attracted a mere 25 interested people along with visionaries Mark and Terri Evans. Now Rock Creek serves more than 3,500 worshipers each weekend and offers wide-ranging programs that take Jesus as He is to people as they are.

However, because the human need continues to grow, so does the responsibility to meet it. That’s why the Endowment For Ministry is so important. It helps ensure the growing needs of those in Central Arkansas will be met for generations to come.


The Endowment for Ministry Purpose


All gifts and bequests to the Endowment for Ministry are held in perpetuity and only the income generated is used. These “over-and-above” offerings provide for financial stability in the “famine” years and expanded financial resources in the “abundant” years - all in support of God’s work through Rock Creek.


Our Endowment Priorities


The most important support a person, couple or family can give to the Endowment is not designated to any specific priority or program - this is commonly referred to as unrestricted giving. The income from these funds provides the church leadership with resources for the ministry areas of greatest need in good times as well as in challenging times.



Our ministries will be the sole recipient of Endowment income. The money will be used to minister to the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of people.


Specific Ways to Give



  • Cash (Memorial and Remembrance Gifts**)
  • Appreciated Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Retirement Funds
  • Life Insurance

*It is important to remember that Endowment for Ministry gifts should be over-and-above the regular tithes/offerings needed for annual church operations.

**Memorial gifts and Remembrance gifts (given in honor of loved ones at birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions) are very important. Your memorial gifts are communicated to family members immediately and, compared to the lifespan of flowers/plants, memorial gifts live on forever. Likewise, small material gifts on those special “Remembrance” occasions have little meaning compared to the thoughtfulness and lasting impact of your Endowment contributions.



Many in our congregation may not be aware that major Endowment gifts made or planned now can provide significant lifetime benefits as well. As an example, a charitable gift annuity (CGA) made today provides you with: 1) an immediate tax deduction, 2) lifetime income at highly preferred rates, 3) a portion of this income is tax free, and 4) the pleasure of seeing first-hand the impact of this type of monetary stewardship (see following section devoted entirely to a CGA).



Bequests are contributions that become effective at the time of one’s death or at the passing of the surviving spouse. These gifts are enabled through your:

  • Last Will and Testament
  • Living Trust
  • Assignment of Life Insurance
  • Assignment of Retirement Assets

The vast majority of bequests, however, are completed by simply adding a codicil to your will or trust at little or no expense to you. The following statement is an example: “I/we give ____ percent (%) of the remainder of my/our property of every kind and description to the Church at Rock Creek in Little Rock Arkansas. This sum is to be added to the church’s permanent Endowment for Ministry, the net income from which shall be available to the church at any time for ministry use as the church designates”

The church has staff members and knowledgeable volunteers who can assist you in developing these types of “planned gifts.” Ongoing informational sessions are being held, and private and confidential consultations are available at any time.


Endowment Financial Management


Our church leadership has guaranteed the most trusted and productive Endowment management through a cooperative arrangement with the Arkansas Baptist Foundation. The Foundation has a proven record of both high investment returns, as well as extremely low costs for its services. Devout Christian and highly qualified Foundation executives virtually ensure the top investment performance when compared to most of the best financial investors in our nation.  With this in mind you may want to click on the Foundation's link - here - to review its on-line materials.


Please Remember Our Endowment for Ministry


Please thoughtfully consider investing in the strong and permanent financial resources created by our Endowment for Ministry. Confidential, personal assistance is available to help you learn more and, ultimately, to make an enormous difference in the life and future of our church. Just call the church office and indicate your interest.  


If you have any questions you may use the "Contact" function on this web site.  Otherwise you may contact Wayne Davenport  or 501-658-3994.



The Charitable Gift Annuity


Guaranteed High Income, Tax Savings and an Perpetual Church Legacy




There are many benefits of a charitable gift annuity as briefly described above.  As a more detailed account, individuals/couples who create gift annuities receive significant tax deductions.  The IRS views such annuities as both a gift to the Endowment for Ministry and as a lifetime annuity for you.  In addition, annuity donor(s) receive a highly preferred income rate.  And much of the income you would receive is tax free.  Sound too good to be true?  Well it isn’t, and here is a specific example.


John and Mary Smith, both ages 74, make a $25,000 charitable gift annuity to the Endowment.  The couple receives a tax deduction of approximately $7,500.  In addition, the couple will receive two-life annuity payments of $1,225 per year – as long as either John and/or Mary live.  Of this  annual payment total, more than $1,000 is tax free.  Taking all this in consideration, the effective payout rate to the Smiths is a whopping 6.8 annual percentage rate!


The Smiths could actually receive more than their $25,000 annuity gift over their lifetimes.  Sound impossible?  It’s not.  And the church will be glad to prepare a gift/income projection for you – in strict confidence, of course.  Just contact our volunteer Endowment Coordinator, Wayne Davenport, at 501-658-3994 or email  Wayne Davenport. You may also fill out the form on this sheet, and put it into the tithe/offering bucket when it is passed.


And remember, gifts to the Endowment for Ministry are held in perpetuity.  Only the income from the Endowment is used to expand our church’s ministries.  Donors, therefore, have a positive impact on Rock Creek for generations and generations to come..


And once again, if you have questions you may use the "Contact: function on this web site.  Otherwise contact Wayne Davenport or 501-658-3994.


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