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Why just have the excitment of summer camp one time a year?  We want to have the energy every Sunday!

For us to have any impact on the life of a child, they have to be here and so at Rock Creek Kids we speak the language of kids:  FUN.  Events such as Summer Spectacular, Kanankuk KampOut, and Christmas at the Creek introduce children and their families to our church.  We want the to see and feel the full and fun life we live in Jesus with the hope they will want that same life.

During all of our hour-long weekly worship services we have Creekville (preschool) and Rock House (K5-5th grade) for kids.  Sunday mornings and Monday nights during our services we go all out to make sure students have a lot of fun and are introduced to the weekly bible truth in a creative way.  Each week they will be given a ticket and encouraged to come on Sunday night for life groups.

Rock Creek Kids Life Groups are a child's introduction to what we hope is a lifelong commitment to friendships based on love of God, His Word, and praying for each other.  Each night from 5:30-7:00 PM , we will start with some fun games, break off into bible study/prayer in small groups, and them finish with team building.  Finally they will be able to redeem tickets/points at the RCK Store.

Most improtantly, everything we do has a family component.  We send home weekly activities and provide family events because we beilieve that the home is the place where a child should receive most spiritual development.

Kime Eubanks
Family/Children's Pastor
(501) 225-8684


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